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Different books and websites regarding immigration we would recommend as interesting reading material

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Randall Caudle regularly speaks with local news agencies as well as nationally at different conferences regarding immigration.

Interesting Reading Materials

Here we have compiled some of our favorite and most interesting books on immigration. 

Who is a member of the political community? What barriers to inclusion do immigrants face as outsiders to this political community? This Essay describes several barriers facing immigrants and naturalized citizens that impede their political belonging.

Examines immigration enforcement and discretion during the first eighteen months of the Trump administration.

In this collection of oil paintings and stories, former President George W. Bush spotlights the inspiring journeys of America’s immigrants and the contributions they make to the life and prosperity of our nation.

The Kite Runner presents a glimpse into life in Afghanistan at a tense and crucial moment of change and destruction.

Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, called “the most famous undocumented immigrant in America,” tackles one of the defining issues of our time in this explosive and deeply personal call to arms.

Narrative nonfiction assessment of the failed American immigration system focused on the individual constituents of the system: the judges, the federal courts, the law itself, the government lawyers, the private lawyers and the unrepresented immigrants.

This book is both a scathing indictment of a broken immigration system that sends vulnerable immigrants back to the perilous situations from which they fled, and a heartfelt call for a return to the values upon which our nation of immigrants was founded.

This book describes the history, theory, and application of prosecutorial discretion in immigration law. It provides a rich history of the role of prosecutorial discretion in the immigration system and unveils the powerful role it plays in protecting individuals from deportation and saving the government resources.

Francisco Cantú's book about his years in the Border Patrol combines brutal personal reminiscences with detached academic interludes, a dreamlike narrative halfway between memoir and tone poem.

Karla Cornejo Villavicencio’s highly personal and deeply empathetic perspective serves as a powerful rebuttal 
to characterizations of undocumented immigrants as criminals and welfare cheats.

This book digs deep below the stereotype and reveals the grit and grace of a heartland that is a major global hub of migration and food production.

The story of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s extraordinary rise from poverty in Athens, Greece, to superstardom in America with the Milwaukee Bucks—becoming one of the most transcendent players in history and an NBA Champion.

 This modern edition of John F Kennedy's work offers the late president's inspiring suggestions for immigration policy and presents a chronology of the main events in the history of immigration in America.

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